Updated February 2018

Synergy CS, Kangoo Conditioning, TRX Training, P90X Remix, TLA – OH MY!  So many awesome and challenging small group trainings to choose from in our HAC Zone.  HAC Zone is our small group training program that takes fun, functional fitness to new heights.  We offer some of the best conditioning workouts in the area to help you improve your fitness level.  The HAC Zone is personal training in a small group setting to help build member relationships, offer friendly competition and assist participants with proper form execution.

See a Membership Associate to schedule your complimentary session today.  All HAC members receive two complimentary sessions as space permits.  You must schedule ahead with a membership associate.

Fit-to-Fight – Learn the fundamentals of boxing with bag work, plyometrics and body weight exercises. This is your chance to step out of your comfort zone, be fearless, and find out what you’re made of!

Functional Fitness You’ll get 45 minutes of efficient, quality functional movements that will enhance not only the “trouble areas” but will also nourish your spine, revitalize your postural muscles and strengthen your core with every movement.

Kangoo Conditioning – High intensity cardio conditioning class which includes circuit, weight, and plyometric drills. Wearing rebound shoes lowers the impact on your joints. Improve balance, coordination, and power in this unique workout!

KettleCore This 45 minute class will give fast results for strength, endurance and muscle toning from dynamic, total body movements.Training with Kettlebells will increase your power output, hip strength and mobility, while also provide dynamic core stabilization and provide countless multi-joint excercises more than with traditional weights.

P90X RemixInsanely effective and efficient 40 minute workout that will have you perfecting your form, challenging your body with fresh new exercises and increasing your strength while defining every inch of you.  More than just exercises from P90X 1,2 and 3.  This training will take your training to new heights and gives you amazing results!

POWER Synergy CS – Quick and extremely effective cardio and functional strength/power circuits that will have you dripping in sweat from head to toe. This is an amazing workout for weight loss and a great calorie burn!

Synergy CS – Challenging and intense 45 minute interval training using conditioning circuits to melt fat, build aerobic capacity, improve anaerobic threshold, and strengthen your core. Options for all levels of fitness.  Use of treadmills for cardio zone training and various strength tools for an amazing total body conditioning workout.

Train Like an Athlete (TLA) – Do you want to get stronger, run faster, and jump higher? Of course! Train like an athlete will teach you proper technique of Olympic lifts (deadlift, hang grip shrug, hang high pull and hang clean) with the high calorie burning speed, agility and plyometric work (box and reactive jumps) to help transform you into the athlete you always knew you could be. All fitness levels welcome.  Great for members who want to learn how to lift heavier for maximal strength gains and lean muscle definition.

TRX and Suspension Training – By utilizing your own body weight, our TRX program provides greater performance and functionality. Great for all fitness levels and abilities.

Women On Weights (WOW) – WOW is designed for women that are uncomfortable with lifting weights and need more instruction to improve their success rate and comfort level with resistance training.