Moderation: A Vital Piece of the Nutrition Puzzle

Young, elite athletes who work out intensely with personal trainers every day can probably afford to indulge in fast food without gaining a bunch of weight or compromising their performance. The rest of us have been conditioned to avoid the burgers and fries we loved as a kid if we have fitness or weight-loss goals we are committed to reaching. Those are “bad” for us, right?

The answer: Yes, and no.

At Horsham Athletic Club, a top destination for group fitness in Ambler, PA, we believe the concept of moderation is key to long-term success in any fitness and nutrition program. Our personal trainers will push you hard in the gym, but what you do when you’re at home matters just as much, in terms of achieving and maintaining a healthy body.

A few tips for moderating your eating:

The 80/20 rule

You don’t have to abandon all “fun” foods to eat healthier. The popular “80/20” approach means eating clean for 80 percent of the time – say, during your five-day work week – and indulging your cravings during the remaining 20 percent – for instance, Friday and Saturday night.

It’s still important to pay attention to how much you’re eating of the “clean” or “craving” foods. Yes, that means looking at serving sizes. Consult your Horsham Athletic Club personal trainer for guidance on developing the proper 80/20 plan to meet your specific goals.

“I’m full!”

While eating a tasty meal, the impulse to clean your plate can be great. It’s what we were taught as kids. But a key to eating in moderation is learning to obey your fullness instincts. When you’ve eaten enough to fill you up, try pushing your plate away and saying – out loud – “I’m full!” The verbal declaration makes it more difficult to go back and eat again, especially in the presence of others.

Water, water everywhere

You’ve heard time and again how important it is to drink water. That hasn’t changed, and in fact, the need to hydrate is especially great in the winter, when you’re cooped up inside and the heater is busy drying you out.

Water may be boring, but it’s a great tool for helping you eat in moderation because it helps fill you up and satisfy your hunger impulses. Many times when you think you’re hungry, you’re really just dehydrated. So, pour yourself a big glass of water with every meal, and make a point to take a drink between mouthfuls of food.

Eat slower

This goes right along with your plan to drink water during a meal. That strategy will help you eat slower and enjoy your meal, while allowing your mind to catch up to your mouth. That makes it easier to recognize when you’re full.

Horsham Athletic Club, your destination for group fitness in Warrington, PA, has a great staff of personal trainers ready to help you develop a comprehensive exercise and eating plan. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, get leaner and more toned, or train for a competition, our trainers can be a great source of expertise and guidance – not to mention keep you accountable.

Contact us today for more information about working with a HAC trainer.

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