The Benefits of MMA Training

Want to be the next Conor McGregor or Ronda Rousey?

If not, that’s okay. Even if you don’t plan on stepping foot inside the octagon, mixed martial arts (MMA) training at Horsham Athletic Club is an incredible way to get in shape.

You’ll learn how to strike like an MMA fighter using fists, elbows, knees and kicks in our all-new class! We also offer groundwork, which teaches you how to transition to and from the ground, as well as learn how to attack, position, and defend. Learn the essentials of powerful mixed martial arts striking techniques including elements like:

  • Boxing
  • Kickboxing
  • Muay Thai
  • Clinchwork
  • Defense
  • Footwork

Taking our class will help you in the following areas:

Strength and Power

The explosive strength necessary for powerful strikes combined with the enduring strength needed for grappling makes MMA training an ideal selection if you want to improve your functional strength. Of course, MMA fighters undergo harsh conditioning regimes to enhance strength and power by utilizing both bodyweight and weight lifting exercises.


The combination of partner skill training, interval training and high-intensity cardio sessions make MMA fighters some of the fittest people on the planet.

Balance and Coordination

The ability to stay on your feet and control your body is crucial in MMA. Balance and coordination are the foundation for powerful strikes and effective takedowns. Skill training along with balance-board training and core stability exercises will hone your abilities.


Oft-overlooked, flexibility is a vital part of martial arts. Passive flexibility is necessary for grappling. The more mobile you are, the more submissions you can perform and withstand. Active flexibility, on the other hand, combines strength and control with flexible movements used for fighting. Dynamic flexibility is important for generating high and powerful kicks.

Personal Safety

Knowing how to defend yourself is definitely a good thing. However, you shouldn’t be looking to inflict pain on others just because you can. That’s not what martial arts are about. If someone were to attack you, try to rob you or any other unfortunate situation were to present itself, you’ll be glad you took MMA classes.


Acquiring impressive skills will leave you with a sense of pride and achievement. You’ll enhance all of the aforementioned physical characteristics, which in turn, will make you look better. All of this will have you feeling more confident.

Sign up Today!

To sign up for MMA classes at Horsham Athletic Club, we encourage you to call 215-675-4535 or browse our website. Feel free to stop by our location (400 Horsham Road) and check out our impressive facility in person.

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