Why Try Our Specialized Gravity Small Group Training at The Horsham Athletic Club?

Most effective and time efficient workout offered in the fitness industry! Our small group strength training is offered to tone up and strengthen your entire body while working up a sweat to lose inches. All personalized training is geared to fit any level of fitness, from novice to professional athlete.  Every workout feels like you are in a personal training session with the fun of small group competition and community camaraderie.

Create the body you always wanted. Personalized attention maybe exactly what you need to break your stubborn fat loss plateau… design your body by working out one-on-one or with a group of friends to motivate you to achieve results.

Get back in shape. Our post-rehabilitation sessions are carefully developed to condition you back to health from an injury. All sessions are one-on-one focusing on safely and effectively treating the injured area to develop strength and flexibility. Sessions are not intended to replace medical treatment.

Kneeling Side Rear Deltoid Raise

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Gravity at The Horsham Athletic Club is the Tri-State region’s premier Gravity training facility. Serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, we offer the most effective resistance trainings focusing on functional fitness. Using the internationally renowned Gravity Training System (GTS) is our way of bringing you the best resistance training program available in the fitness industry.

We offer programs which truly change your body, enhance your well being, and improve your long-term health. Personalized trainings empower you to work at your level of fitness while challenging you to improve overall strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, stamina and cardiovascular conditioning. No matter if you are just starting an exercise program or you have been training for years, people enjoy working out with Gravity Strength Training because it is fun, effective, fresh, challenging and results are guaranteed!

***Ask about our Corporate Account discounts and educational wellness outreach programs for social and professional groups.


“Gravity Training is a unique, challenging, full body workout that has kept me fit and trim for years. I have always been athletic and I always want to stay in shape. I have tried many different exercise programs throughout many years. Then I found The Gravity Center! This program has kept me in better shape than any other workout! The workout is as challenging as you want it to be, as you can adjust the machine to your level of training. Jewel has been my instructor for many years. Each class is different. She incorporates cardio, strength and balance training in to each class. You never get bored! The workouts address every part of your body…strengthening and toning you from head to toe! Today I am stronger, firmer and more energized than ever! I recently had x-rays taken of my back. My chiropractor told me that my spine has no degeneration of the disks and the spaces between my vertebrae are excellent. She said this is due to my continuous exercise program! My spine is much healthier than many other 60 year olds!! My true testament to Gravity Training is that I am an original member of The Gravity Center. In over 9 years I have never stopped working out twice a week and never plan to!!” – Patty G.

“I am coming up on 7 years of Gravity classes, 4x a week, and no class has been repeated! Classes are always fresh, motivating, tests of strength, yet individualized. I am stronger, have more energy and still look forward to every class. I also enjoy being in a small class of 12 individuals. Try it! Stick with it, and you will see your body and energy change.”- Jacque B.

“When The Gravity Center opened in 2005 I was curious and decided to give it a try; I’m so glad that I did. Since this time I’ve been taking class twice a week and I truly look forward to it each and every time. I find that this class not only challenges my physical strength but my cardiovascular endurance as well. The instructors do a great job at changing things up so the workout is always new and different. Class at The Gravity Center has become the thing I do to take care of me both on the outside and the inside. Life and work can be stressful. Taking this time to focus on me, and my health, is not only a priority but something that I truly love. I challenge you to give Gravity a try!” – Linsey L.

“Gravity saved my cat!  On a recent cold, dark evening my wife and I found Rockyboy hopelessly stuck high up in a twisted oak tree in our back yard. While my wife trained a flashlight on him I went to get my ladder. As I opened the garage I remembered that I had lent my 40 footer to a friend and all I had was a small step ladder. This was barely high enough to get me within reach of the lowest crooked limb. At that moment I thought that If Rocky was this adventurous 5 years ago he would still be up in that tree!  Three Gravity classes a week have turned back the clock and given me back my strength and muscle definition that I haven’t seen in quite some time. Lucky for my cat I was able to grab that limb from underneath and pull myself up into the tree.  From there I worked my way up several more branches of the old oak until I could grab the little guy.  Using one arm to hold Rocky, who weighs 24 lbs, and the other to carefully maneuver back down towards that low limb, my legs had to be strong and steady, gripping each branch as we descended. Once on that lowest limb I gently dropped our boy down to the ground where my wife was able to scoop him up in her arms. I can honestly say that without Jewel and Gravity and could never imagine that, at age 64, I would be able to climb a tree to save a cat. ” – Rick B.

“Gravity at The HAC is an amazing and fun place to workout. I have been a member for about four years and I am addicted to their classes. They use mostly resistance training which is great for both females and males of all ages… The classes are small so you feel like you’re getting personal training. The workouts change every class so you never do the same routine twice which keeps it exciting. If you are looking for a fun and different workout to either lose weight or just for maintenance Gravity is for you. I can guarantee you will be hooked after your first training. :)”  –Carina O.

“Several years ago, my daughter and I were searching for a Pilates studio. We were interested in learning how to use Pilates in our exercise routine. I found Gravity at The HAC online and now the it has become a big part of both of our lives. We were not only introduced Pilates but also to using the GTS machine for strength training. I have to admit, initially, I was intimidated by the GTS. However, in no time at all, I learned how to use the GTS efficiently. I have never looked back. Gravity at The HAC has allowed me to become a stronger, confident, happier individual. The instructors are caring, knowledgeable, and professional. Jewel and Sandy go over and above as instructors. You are treated as an individual and not just part of a class. They address both your strengths and weaknesses. The classes are diverse and never boring. I love this program and intend to be a part of it forever.” – Jessica F.

“I have trained for many years, many trainers, many venues. Gravity has offered me an opportunity to recognize my areas that need improvement, align my personal goals with their full body approach and multifaceted program. The environment is always positive no matter what level you are at, there is always an encouraging word and push for you to succeed Whether you are at a level 10 or 2, you are empowered and challenged every minute.  Very accommodating with class scheduling, I travel with my business. I am very grateful that our path’s crossed and I am looking forward to my transformation.” – Linda C.

“Your body, lifestyle and attitude will be completely transformed in just 8 weeks at the Gravity at The HAC. The coaches are always willing to spend extra time with you and go the extra mile to make sure your fitness needs are being met.They are aware of each of our strengths and weaknesses and know just how we need to be pushed to make them better. The environment is motivating and encouraging. The workouts are fantastic! Gravity at The HAC is the best!!! – Nadya S.

“Highly recommend Gravity at The HAC. Their workouts and machines are unlike anything else. Great results that will keep you going back. Never felt better or looked better! Great trainers!!” –Molly T.

“Best fitness studio in the region – love the equipment – love the variety of classes – love the trainers. Couldn’t ask for anything better!” – Amanda M.

“I have been using Jewel as my personal and gravity trainer for over six years. This is by far the longest I have stayed with an exercise program. Jewel keeps the exercise fresh and her routine is never routine. As a personal trainer she’ll “kick your butt,” but in a good way. She will help you reach beyond what you thought your limits were. Thanks Jewel!” – Merle K.


Gravity Boot Camp
Twice a month on Saturdays at 7:30 – 8:30 AM w/Holly
Call to reserve your spot.
Only 12 spaces available.
Gravity Intro Packs Ongoing discounted package available for new members.  Great option to get new members comfortably up to speed with Gravity and MVe Pilates Chair. Intro Packs are available for new members of Gravity and MVe Pilates Chair programs.
Gravity Registration Ongoing Registration.  Pro-rated reservations available throughout the session. Gravity Trainings are reserved on a month-to-month basis.

Contact Gravity at The Horsham Athletic Club

Call today to schedule a Complimentary Demonstration or join us for One Complimentary Gravity Strength Training (215)675-4535.  Email Holly Fosnot, Small Group Training Director, at holly@horshamathletic.com

Limited availability.  Register ahead of your visit to redeem demonstration or one complimentary workout (215)675-4535.  Studio is appointment-based. Restrictions may apply.


Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Check, Discover, and American Express

Initial Training: $65
Required for new members. Excludes Intro Pack participants.
Intro Pack: $165
Three 55 minute one-on-one trainings and one group training (completed in 2 weeks)
Personal Training Packages:
30 minute sessions for 10 trainings: $400
55 minute sessions for 10 trainings: $600
Semi Private Training Packages:
2 people (Duet) for 10 trainings: $400 ea
3 people (Triplet) for 10 trainings: $300 ea
4 people (Quad) for 10 trainings: $250 ea
Group Session Trainings: Monthly Reservations

Gravity Strength (4x/month) : $62

Gravity Strength (8x/month) : $116

Gravity Strength (12x/month) : $162

Gravity Strength Unlimited: $199 (BEST VALUE)

Gravity Strength Drop In Package (6 Gravity trainings): $100
Gravity Flex Drop In Package (1 personal training & 6 Gravity small group trainings) $190
Pricing with the Standard Package, payment guarantees you a GTS machine for your chosen or locked-in time slot. Regarding Make-up Policy: You must be an Active Gravity Member in order to use your make-up passes for group trainings. Make-up passes have a 90 day expiration from the time of the missed training. The Group Training session will be pro-rated for people who join after the session start date. Corporate accounts available. Please call for more information. Gift Certificates Available. Please call our studio for more details and purchase.
Cancellation Policy: 6 hour advance notice required for any missed group training. 24 hour advance notice required for cancellation of any private or semi-private session. Failure to cancel in the requested amount of time will result in a charge of the small group or personal training session.