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Six Zone HIIT Fitness Classes

Included in membership

Science-backed workouts designed for your time. Burn 40% more calories than routine workouts in an efficient, coach inspired HIIT experience! Unlimited Six Zone access and classes are included in Horsham Athletic Club membership.

The new Six Zone space will be open to you during all hours that the club is open with virtual workouts displayed, so you can do Six Zone anytime. This space will be home to a variety of our group exercise programming.

What is Six Zone?

  • 35-minute HIIT workout designed with strength & cardio intervals.
  • Programming consists of 6 zones of 5-minutes in each, with a 1-minute rest in between each zone.
  • New classes start every 5 minutes!
  • Work outs are on the TV screens in each zone.
  • Coaches will be staffed during our most active club hours.
  • Six Zone will run 7 days per week with new workouts 3x per week.
  • There will be other group ex classes in this space – so as long as there’s not another class, this space is ready for a Six Zone workout!
  • Monday & Tuesday being an upper body focus, Wednesday & Thursday with a lower body focus and Friday-Sunday total body workout.

About the workouts

  • Targeting different muscle groups on different days helps build lean muscle mass. Lean muscle mass burns roughly 3x the amount of calories at rest per pound compared to body fat.
  • Based on the after-burn effect or EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption), when you workout 84% or more of your max heart rate, with intervals of rest, you will continue to burn calories after Six Zone.