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Empowering America’s youth through increased fitness, confidence and performance.

Parisi Speed School has been the industry leader in sports performance training for 25+ years, helping more than 650,000 athletes of all ages and abilities become faster, stronger and mentally tougher. From 7-year-old athletes to the Pros, the Parisi program improves athletic performance and increases confidence.

Horsham Athletic Club membership is not required to train with Parisi.

Unlimited Classes with 12+ classes offered per week


$125 per month for a 3 month commitment, unlimited classes

$175 per month, month to month (no commitment), unlimited classes


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Soccer Training With Jason Vogel

Dynamic Soccer is a premier training center within the Horsham Athletic Club. With 20 + years’ experience, Jason Vogel (Founder/Trainer) has created a unique program for players in search of their next level of play. His focus is not on one specific type of athlete but instead embracing players of all levels and skill sets. Prior to training programs, an evaluation is provided to help categorize the players’ strengths and weaknesses. Then, training frequency and duration are determined to set a realistic schedule that will keep the player consistent and moving in a positive direction.

Cell: (215) 350-0338 | Office: (215) 675-4535 ext. 103 | Email:

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Develop Skills and Confidence

Mindset plays a significant role in the sessions; it’s equally, if not more, important than the physical demands of the game. A major part in all of this is that if you have the ability of staying present and avoiding overthinking, you will achieve a positive outcome. If you want the next level, you must be willing to do the things that others aren’t willing to do. This requires dedicating time on a consistent basis to develop a more dominant skill set and the confidence to execute on the field

Fitness is an area that players frequently overlook and neglect, which often affects overall performance. To be a complete player, one must make this a priority and implement it into their training regimen. Dynamic Soccer recognizes the demands of the game and what is required to be match ready. A personalized fitness routine of strength, speed, agility, core and balance are integrated into the training.

Agility ladders, cones, hurdles, BOSU trainers, Gravity trainers, TRX suspension training, free weights are among the many tools used to help with player development in the program as well as athletic performance training overall.

Personalized Training

Jason is extremely dedicated to his training program by constantly staying at the forefront of the soccer world. He is continuously studying and discovering ways to customize training sessions to make it unique for each player. Connecting with each player is a significant part of the program, which allows him to tailor the training to the players’ needs for optimum results.

Major emphasis is placed on technique, repetition, body awareness, vision, creativity, and most important, making it fun and enjoyable for the player. Dynamic Soccer Training teaches players to understand mistakes are part of the process and should be used as motivation, not self- doubt. It’s when we step outside our comfort zone and let ourselves get comfortable with being uncomfortable that new levels are found. Your next level is waiting.

For any player to excel, it’s essential they develop and refine the fundamentals. First touch, ball control using both feet, passing and striking for accuracy with multiple surfaces of the foot, and settling the ball with any given part of the body to minimize touches is paramount to play the game the way it was meant to be played.

Dynamic Soccer currently helps players across PA but especially in Horsham and Warrington. We see those who train with us come mostly from Horsham Soccer Club and Warrington Soccer Club, and the surrounding travel clubs. If you would like to improve your play on the field, feel free to stop in to get a free training evaluation. At Horsham Athletic Club, we also provide child care services for those who need them.