Begin or continue on your healthy lifestyle journey with the Horsham Athletic Club, with classes, amenities and programming to accommodate each stage of your life.

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A Convenient Community Fitness Center & Gym in Horsham, PA

Horsham Athletic Club is a convenient, state-of-the-art fitness center in Horsham, PA. If you are looking for a local gym membership close to Hatboro, PA, we have a variety of fitness classes and athletic programs to help you achieve your goals. With our gym facilities and our expert training staff’s support, you’ll feel better in your body and mind. From experienced athletes to those just starting out, you’ll discover your untapped potential and become the best version of yourself at the Horsham Athletic Center.

With over 65 included group exercise classes, the Horsham Athletic Clubs offers unique variety with spin, Zumba, Pilates, Yoga and many others.

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With luxury locker rooms and a spacious fitness and weight training floor, we accommodate each stage of your life and fitness journey.

Fitness Programs For Everyone At Our Gym

Our dynamic gym programs are designed to challenge you no matter your fitness level. Our group fitness programs in Horsham are backed by proven exercise methods to help you crush your goals. Engage with our expert trainers in Warrington, PA no matter where you are along your fitness journey. With classes ranging from Hatha Yoga to High-Intensity Interval Training, you can be sure to find one that you enjoy, and that works with your schedule. After your workout, enjoy a much-deserved steam or sauna, then head to our healthful cafe for a nutrient-rich smoothie or snack.

Our fitness center staff knows how to inspire and support you with a highly effective gym program so you can meet and surpass your goals! We regularly update our adaptive fitness center offerings, ensuring that our evolved personal training sessions and group classes boost encouragement and give you a better reason to keep pushing yourself!

What Sets HAC Sports Apart From Other Gyms in the Area?

Horsham Athletic Club is not just another gym; it’s a community-focused fitness center that stands out in Montgomery County, PA. Unlike other gyms in the area, Horsham Athletic Club offers a unique blend of state-of-the-art facilities and a warm, welcoming atmosphere that makes every member feel like part of a family. Our membership options are tailored to meet the diverse needs of individuals from Warrington, Hatfield, and beyond, ensuring that everyone can find their perfect fitness path.

In a sea of standard gyms, our facility in Horsham, PA distinguishes itself by offering an extensive range of fitness programs and equipment. Our members from Montgomery County and surrounding areas enjoy personalized attention and guidance from our expert staff. This commitment to individual progress and community spirit is what makes our gym near Warrington, PA a preferred choice for those seeking a more engaging and supportive fitness experience.

What Kind Of Workouts Can I Expect in Group Fitness Sessions?

Group fitness sessions at Horsham Athletic Club are designed to be dynamic, inclusive, and effective, catering to members from Hatfield, PA, Warrington, and beyond. Our sessions range from high-energy cardio workouts to strength training and yoga, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or new to the gym scene, our group sessions will keep you motivated and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Expect to be challenged and inspired in our group fitness sessions at this premier fitness center. Each class is led by experienced instructors who understand the needs of our diverse membership base. They incorporate the latest fitness trends and techniques to ensure that our members from Montgomery County, PA, and surrounding areas get the most out of every session. If you’ve been looking for a state-of-the-art gym near Southampton, come check out Horsham Athletic Club. 

Gym Membership

With a gym membership with Horsham Athletic Club, you have unlimited access to all club amenities. The extensive membership perks at our gym near North Wales, PA include highlight features like our spa-like sauna, a pristine locker room area, and complimentary tanning for well-rounded personal care and rejuvenation after intense training sessions.

Our welcoming fitness center is inclusive of all ability levels and individuals aged 14 years or older. When deciding if Horsham Athletic Club is the gym for you, we invite you for a trial membership to experience the club as a member. Only minutes away from Doylestown and Hatfield, our modern gym is accessible, welcoming, and professionally equipped to support fitness goals of every kind.

After joining our fitness community, you can expect to be greeted by courteous staff members, clean equipment, and personalized guidance with every visit. If you would like to elevate your routine with classes or personal training, check out our balanced training opportunities below and make friends with like-minded members or benefit from ongoing motivation as you become healthier, leaner, and stronger!

With 100% access to all fitness centers, classes, locker room, steam room, sauna, and state-of-the-art exercise equipment, achieving your fitness goals is a more enjoyable experience at our gym near Warrington and Montgomery County, PA!

Fitness Classes

Horsham Athletic Club offers over 18 different instructor-led fitness formats to choose from. All of our membership classes are modified for any level of fitness, allowing you to increase your strength and endurance progressively. Our group fitness instructors are leaders in the industry. They do more than simply teach a class — they inspire, motivate, and support you to help you achieve your fitness goals.

The Club offers a broad array of classes to suit your desires and fitness goals. From kickboxing and HIIT to Zumba and yoga, we hope that our fun and energized classes give you a better variety of reasons to come to the gym near Ambler, PA more often! For a detailed breakdown of our exciting options near Warrington, Southampton, and Montgomery County, PA, check out our class descriptions to see what’s waiting for you at HAC!

Personal Training

Our Horsham trainers are masters at designing personalized workouts that meet your goals and needs. As certified and highly trained professionals, all of their advice aligns with the safety guidelines of the American College of Sports Medicine.

In addition to our balanced fitness and training classes, our gym near Abington, PA proudly offers in-depth training plans for customized wellness goals. If you would like to focus on sport-specific muscular enhancement, many of our trainers have specialized fitness backgrounds and bring a unique style of instruction to fine-tune your progress. With individualized support for strength, weight loss, flexibility, and even balance training, the improvement possibilities are endless with a membership at Horsham Athletic Club.

Your first personal training session begins by going through your health history, setting down goals, and laying out a game plan to achieve them, along with a possible assessment of your body composition and diet.

Sports Training

Physical activity is vital for development.

At the Horsham Athletic Club, we believe that physical activity and sports lay the foundation for a healthy and active life. With lifetime benefits such as enhanced mental acuity, improved motor coordination, and meaningful social bonding experiences, sports training and personal wellness unite at HAC! We’re committed to fostering those traits and values with a variety of sports programs for youth and adults alike.

We provide sports performance training with Parisi Speed School either on-site or for the sports team where we travel to you, and through Dynamic Soccer Training. We proudly support athletes from Hatfield, Southampton, Montgomery County, Warrington, and Doylestown, PA. Designed to heighten fundamental skills and athletic performance, our leading programs provide a targeted plan for attainable growth and practical talent development. Learn more>

Newtown Athletic Club Access

As a Horsham Athletic Club member, you receive exclusive access at select times to the Newtown Athletic Club, only 25 minutes away.

  • 5 complimentary visits per month from November – April
  • 3 complimentary visits per month from May – October (*may include 1 weekend day per month, but no Holidays)
  • Children, spouses and guests of HAC members are required to purchase a guest pass at the NAC guest rate
  • Must first activate in the membership office if never visiting NAC before or if it has been greater than 6 months since last NAC visit
  • *Holidays & Holiday Weekends: Should a HAC member want to visit the NAC on a Holiday/Holiday Weekend, HAC members must still be accompanied by a NAC member. Standard guest fees do apply
  • Are required to pay standard guest fees at the NAC on Holidays

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If you’re searching for a gym membership that has it all, the Horsham Athletic Center is the answer. Local to Montgomery County, PA and Bucks County, PA, our state-of-the-art fitness center offers access to our wide range of amenities. We are the proud home of the top sports performance training in Bucks County supporting the development of athletes old and young. If you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, you may be interested in our vast schedule of group fitness classes or connecting with one of our certified trainers near Ambler, PA. All of this and more is at your fingertips when you join our Horsham-based gym.

Contact our team today for more information about our amenities, training staff, and fitness classes. Get started working towards your health and fitness goals at a gym you’ll love in Montgomery County, PA.

“Motivating & Supportive”

It’s a nice facility with spacious locker rooms, always clean, offers large variety of equipment. Staff is very friendly. Classes are my favorite. Instructors are awesome, motivating and supportive in helping us reach and exceed our goals. I highly recommend HAC.

Zoya | Eight Year Member

“Great Members & Events”

Excellent gym, fully featured with great members and events. It’s big with lots of room and machines, and the steam room is excellent. There’s food and merchandise available in the lobby. I have no complaints whatsoever about the HAC.

Peter | Five Year Member