Best Kids Strength & Speed Training Program in Bucks & Montgomery County, PA

Empowering America’s Youth Through Increased Fitness, Confidence And Performance.

Parisi Speed School has been the industry leader in sports performance training for 25+ years, helping more than 650,000 athletes of all ages and abilities become faster, stronger and mentally tougher. From 7-year-old athletes to the Pros, the Parisi program improves athletic performance and increases confidence.


Ages 7 to 11. Most critical years in a child’s life for motor skill development. Build Athletes physical foundation, improve coordination through signature speed and body weight strength methods up to 10 athletes, unlimited classes.


Ages 11 to 14. Ideal age for developing speed,  strength, and power. Includes introduction to strength training (Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Intro To Barbell) up to 10 athletes, unlimited classes.


Advanced Strength and Speed Training. High School, club, and collegiate athletes.

4-6 Athletes per group.


Here at HAC Parisi we are very lucky to have a ton of collegiate and professional athletes.  There is a coach here that can take your performance to the next level.


Group training provides a much greater team aspect and here at Parisi we offer full team training as well as larger group sessions.


Performance Evaluation

The fastest way to become a better athlete starts with an honest assessment of current athletic abilities. Without an athletic performance evaluation, it’s impossible to realistically create goals and monitor progress.

Progress monitoring helps us to identify the athlete’s individual strengths and weaknesses to ensure Parisi training coaches focus on the correct athletic training areas.

After the sports performance evaluation, every athlete and parent will meet individually with the head evaluator and review the results; the parent and athlete then will have the correct information with which to select the appropriate sports performance training program.

An evaluation! The athletic performance evaluation is mandatory for every athlete who enters Parisi Speed School at Horsham. During the sports performance evaluation, athletes will experience the following:

  • Our signature dynamic warm-up
  • Examination during running analysis procedures
  • Physical speed and strength tests
The sports performance evaluation is critical to every athlete in our program for four main reasons:

  1. Assesses the current level of an athlete’s ability.
  2. Allows for proper grouping of the athlete in our program.
  3. Allows for the development of the proper exercise prescription.
  4. Allows us to record and monitor progress while in our program.

Unlimited classes
$145 for a 3 month commitment
$125 for a 9 month commitment
$175 for month to month (no commitment)

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