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What Kind of Shoes Should You Wear To The Gym?

Growing up, your parents throw you into any kind of sneaker that fits and holds up to the demands of a kid on the go. If you’re an athlete, you’re probably used to cleats or track and field shoes, but not all athletic shoes are created equally. Once you cross the threshold into adulthood, it […]

Should You Take Supplements Before Your Workout?

Whether you’ve been faithful to your fitness routine for years or you are turning over a new leaf, chances are you are wading through a lot of information on supplements. Whole Foods has a diverse section of vitamins, supplements, holistic remedies, and GNC stocks so many options that it can all be easily overwhelming. The […]

Proper Cool Down Exercises Following a Workout

The benefits of cool-down exercise are numerous. The exercises and stretches done at the end of your workout help lower injury risks, promote blood flow, and reduce stress to the muscles and your heart. They also help ease your body out of strenuous activity so that your heart rate, body heat, and blood pressure revert […]

How Can I Motivate My Child to Exercise?

Between late-night YouTube binges and Zoom-based education, children are spending more time on their computers than ever before. However, like adults, kids need regular exercise to stay healthy and fit. Building healthy habits during childhood is one of the best ways to fight obesity and encourage your child to remain active through adulthood. Here are […]

How to Get Back Into a Workout Rhythm After a Break

In the wake of Coronavirus business closures and stay at home orders, many Americans have been forced to put their workout routines on pause. As quarantines eventually end and things get back to normal, gym-goers will be jumping back into their workouts en masse. Some will be in for a rude awakening if they are […]