Gravity saved my cat!  On a recent cold, dark evening my wife and I found Rockyboy hopelessly stuck high up in a twisted oak tree in our back yard. While my wife trained a flashlight on him I went to get my ladder. As I opened the garage I remembered that I had lent my 40 footer to a friend and all I had was a small step ladder. This was barely high enough to get me within reach of the lowest crooked limb. At that moment I thought that If Rocky was this adventurous 5 years ago he would still be up in that tree!  Three Gravity classes a week have turned back the clock and given me back my strength and muscle definition that I haven’t seen in quite some time. Lucky for my cat I was able to grab that limb from underneath and pull myself up into the tree.  From there I worked my way up several more branches of the old oak until I could grab the little guy.  Using one arm to hold Rocky, who weighs 24 lbs, and the other to carefully maneuver back down towards that low limb, my legs had to be strong and steady, gripping each branch as we descended. Once on that lowest limb I gently dropped our boy down to the ground where my wife was able to scoop him up in her arms. I can honestly say that without Jewel and Gravity and could never imagine that, at age 64, I would be able to climb a tree to save a cat. Rocky and I both thank you Jewel!

I had my first experience with Holly’s Gravity classes during the Gravity “Hunnies and Bunnies” group training. My mom and I signed up as partners for the day, and I was very anxious coming into the class. I had no idea what to expect from both the workout and the social atmosphere. My mom had been going for a while, and she would come back from each experience raving about how excellent the workout was and how great she felt after each class. This particular class was no exception, and we found ourselves enjoying the workout and the class dynamic.  Holly would help out anyone who was struggling, and taught us about the machines settings as we progressed. Her energy and enthusiasm made the class fun and entertaining. She also provided a workout that was easy enough for beginners such as myself, but challenging for those who were more experienced like my mom.

After the first class, I was hooked. No other workout felt quite as intense as the Gravity training, so my mom and I signed up for a class once a week with Holly. The classes are never repetitive, and I feel as if I am doing something new every week. Holly is an excellent trainer that pushes you to your limit. She makes sure you are doing the exercises correctly for the best results, and consistently urges the class to challenge themselves. At the same time, Holly makes the extra effort to connect with every person in the room. She will not let you feel left out and will make sure you are getting the work out you wanted. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants a trainer to connect with them and provide a challenging workout with exponential results.

I started working out with Donna a year and a half ago. After losing 80 pounds doing strictly cardio, I needed to add more into my workout routine. I started with TRX and immediately loved it! Since then I have also added Donna’s kangoo, boot camp, HIIT, gravity, and spin. Donna always keeps me motivated and changes the workouts up every week so I never get bored. I look forward to going to her classes because I know she will always give me the best workout possible. Thank you Donna for pushing me every single day!