Sharon Cox

HAC Member Since: May 2013

Favorite HAC Program: Zumba

When you first meet Sharon, you learn that she has lost over 100 pounds but after getting to know her even better, you realize that there is so much more to Sharon’s story. Sharon sets monthly goals for herself and strives to accomplish them. Her goal for the month of July was to run a quarter marathon and even with an injury to her foot and her knee, Sharon accomplished that goal!
Additionally, Sharon is selfless with her time and knowledge. During the HAC’s Healthy Start program, she hosted bi-weekly boot camps for the other members. Often during groups classes, you can hear Sharon encouraging new members to keep going or telling them that they can do it. She always helps new members with the equipment in Gravity or any other class.

Sharon has been on QVC as Richard Simmon’s Cinderella story and has also been on a box of Kashi. She is a dedicated gym members and has worked hard to “FLY” and encourages others to do the same.” – Maryann G.

Sharon’s story is incredibly inspirational and motivational to many. Her perseverance, commitment to fitness and continuous battle to always gain more strength and endurance is one to award and commend. Congratulations Sharon!  We are honored to have you as a valued member of the HAC!  Keep up the great work!