HAC Member Since: July 2013

Favorite HAC Program: Gravity + HACZone Training

“She has been the best kind of gym friend, one who continues to encourage me and won’t let me give up. I have lost a huge amount of weight, but still struggle to get the rest off and many times want to quit. Mary Ann will not let me quit. We met in Gravity 2 years ago and she pushes me to go to higher levels, we do small group and she urges me to use heavier and heavier weights. She has brought her whole family into the gym. Plus, she won the Healthy Start program! We did the push-up challenge together, I didn’t think I could get through 2 days and we began doing them together and it became fun and challenging. She is always game for fun runs on the treadmill or an extra Gravity class. She worked really hard last fall with Jeffrey personal training and extra classes to get into a dress for her daughter’s wedding and she accomplished that. She is a great example of the kind of member you want at the gym. I know I would not be where I am not without her continued friendship and caring manner.”

– Sharon C., HAC Member

Thank you for being such an OUTSTANDING HAC Member, Mary Ann! Congratulations!  Well deserved!!