HAC Member Since: March 2012

Favorite HAC Program: Gravity Training

Jacque Blum is no ordinary woman! Jacque is an inspiration to many because she has proven time and time again that age is just a number. She consistently leads by example through her hard work, dedication and consistent drive to do her best in every workout.

Jacque and Rick Blum are the owners and operators of Southampton Summer Day Camp. Their days consistent of long, brutal hours of none stop action and working outside in the hot summer elements. Regardless of her long daily to-do lists, Jacque will always find the time to visit the HAC five days a week for her Gravity Strength and personal training sessions because she understands the value in putting herself and workouts first and the long term benefits of staying active. She would mention to Jewel (her trainer) that people would ask her how she is so strong and how she can do the things she can do in her late 60’s. Jacque would always smile and explain that her workouts keep her fit and strong.

Jacque has had many setbacks over the years with wear and tear on her body and suffered a severe bout of vertigo which she currently struggles with daily. Regardless of so many hurdles, she shows up to her workouts and doesn’t let anything stop her. She has come a long way since her severe attack with vertigo described by her doctor as “brain trauma.” She never gave up and has improved greatly in balance and coordination. She is an incredible example of strength and vitality. Many have said they want to be like Jacque “when they grow up.” We commend Jacque for being such an outstanding HAC member and we congratulate her on her Member of the Month recognition! Well deserved!!!