Here at Horsham Athletic Club, we understand that personal training in Warminster, PA, is a much different experience than staying fit in Florida. With freezing cold weather on its way to Pennsylvania, it’s time to brush up on a few valuable running tips to keep in mind while you are out there in frigid climates. Check out the following video, then continue reading below for three tips for running in cold weather.

1. Check the Weather Forecast

Before you start your run in the frigid fall and winter weather, make sure you check the weather forecast to ensure that there are no storms on the way. Additionally, you will want to know what the wind conditions will be like as your run progresses, because that plays a huge role in choosing what to wear. The last thing you want is to get caught in a rain or snow storm while you are running in below-freezing temperatures.

2. Do Not Ignore Shivering

If you are shivering while running in the cold, do not ignore this! Your body only shivers when it is losing heat fast, and if running around isn’t able to keep you warm, you should seriously consider cutting the run short and heading home. When it comes to personal training in Hatboro, PA, during cold weather, make sure you listen to your body.

3. Avoid Icy Roads, Sidewalks, and Paths

When running on grounds that you have never been to before, you never know where black ice will form. Do not recklessly sprint over any areas on the ground that are not clearly free of ice or slick, frozen snow that could potentially make you slip and hurt yourself. It might be a good idea to walk the area you plan to run beforehand, because that will allow you to safely scope out the conditions of the terrain that you will be running on.

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