Tips for Safely Exercising Outside in the Summer Heat

Taking the right safety precautions and being aware of your surroundings can help you get a safe, enjoyable workout under the summer sun. Here are some general fitness tips for everyone to keep in mind when the weather gets hot.

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Building a Workout Routine: You Have Questions, We Have Answers

If you want to get in shape and build muscle, you have to take strategic steps in a direction that will bring you closer to that goal — and in a realistic way. The clients at Horsham Athletic Club understand the role that personal training plays in an effective workout routine, and they trust our premier training center to guide them through the process. 

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Running Tips for Cold Weather

Here at Horsham Athletic Club, we understand that personal training in Warminster, PA, is a much different experience than staying fit in Florida. With freezing cold weather on its way to Pennsylvania, it’s time to brush up on a few valuable running tips to keep in mind while you are out there in frigid climates. Check out the following video, then continue reading below for three tips for running in cold weather.

1. Check the Weather Forecast

Before you start your run in the frigid fall and winter weather, make sure you check the weather forecast to ensure that there are no storms on the way. Additionally, you will want to know what the wind conditions will be like as your run progresses, because that plays a huge role in choosing what to wear. The last thing you want is to get caught in a rain or snow storm while you are running in below-freezing temperatures.

2. Do Not Ignore Shivering

If you are shivering while running in the cold, do not ignore this! Your body only shivers when it is losing heat fast, and if running around isn’t able to keep you warm, you should seriously consider cutting the run short and heading home. When it comes to personal training in Hatboro, PA, during cold weather, make sure you listen to your body.

3. Avoid Icy Roads, Sidewalks, and Paths

When running on grounds that you have never been to before, you never know where black ice will form. Do not recklessly sprint over any areas on the ground that are not clearly free of ice or slick, frozen snow that could potentially make you slip and hurt yourself. It might be a good idea to walk the area you plan to run beforehand, because that will allow you to safely scope out the conditions of the terrain that you will be running on.

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The Holidays Are Coming — Don’t Lose Sight of Your Fitness Goals!

The holiday season is a time of year when many of us lose track of our fitness goals. It’s too easy to overindulge and slack off when it comes to sticking to a current workout regime. As the leading providers of personal training in Warrington, PA, and the surrounding areas, we want to encourage our clients to keep themselves accountable for their health and wellbeing throughout the holiday celebrations.

Follow these five tips to stay healthy throughout the holiday season, and beyond:

Plan Ahead

The holiday season often means a hectic schedule. So, plan your workouts well in advance just as you would any other necessary appointments. Don’t worry if you can’t make a class or two, but make sure you keep up some activity 2-3 times a week.

Shop Healthy

Thanksgiving and the holidays are two important times to stock up your kitchen with healthy options. Fruits, nuts, berries are nutritional foods that are great for snacking. Instead of focusing on things that you shouldn’t be eating, make sure you get at least three servings of fruit or vegetables every day.

Learn to Say “No”

We can be blissfully unaware of how much extra food we eat just because it is offered to us by friends and family. A few samples at the holiday market, a couple of chocolates at the office party — it all adds up. Remember to think twice before you overindulge, and try not to give in to temptation.

Stay Hydrated

Try to take a water bottle everywhere that you go. Ideally, you should drink eight 8-oz glasses of water every day. A great trick is to purchase a 64-ounce water jug and fill it each morning. This way, you’ll always stay healthy and hydrated.

Avoid the Baking

Do you bake delicious gifts for Thanksgiving and the holidays? Are you one of those people that nibbles away as you’re baking? A great way to avoid this is to prepare non-food gifts or prepare ingredient boxes so that people can bake your gifts themselves. This takes away the temptation in the kitchen and allows the recipients to eat their baked treats whenever they want.

For more information, or to schedule a group fitness class in Warrington, PA, contact a member of our team today.

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How to Drop Those Stubborn 5 to 10 Pounds of Fat

By: Jewel Kessler, NASM CPT/FNS, HAC Trainer and Small Group Director

If you haven’t started an exercise plan, start. In fact, start today after you are done reading this article. The human body was designed to move and 8 to 10 hours sitting in a car, in front of a computer, or lounging around is not in your best interest for long term health. If you do exercise and have lost weight but would like to drop a few more pounds it can be tough, especially if you hit the dreaded plateau which is a slowing of progress or a flat out stall in results. Congratulations! You are more fit then you believe and now is the opportunity to up your game. Your body has become more fit and now your go-to routine has to be changed in order to see more progress.

Up the Resistance

Strength training three times a week has been proven to change your body composition. Adding resistance helps to torch more calories during and after your workout while replacing body fat with lean muscle mass. Put the five pound weights down because they are a total waste of your time. You carry grocery bags heavier than five pounds. Be bold and pick up a reasonably heavier set of weights. Yes, the exercises will be harder and more challenging and that is a good thing! You want to stress your body to a healthy degree in order to get it to adapt to change. Track your progress and weights when you workout so you can see your progress every time. After four to six weeks of using the same weight try to increase the resistance by 10% to keep you moving forward. Other options to help with your results include increasing your frequency (from three workouts a week to four); intensity (if you are using 10 pound weights try 15); time (increase your workout duration by 5 minutes or even decrease your workout duration by 5 minutes but limit your rest periods to the session is more intense); or type (if you’ve been doing the same routine try a small group training, group X class, or work with a personal trainer to learn a new routine).

Pick Up the Tempo

To lose weight you should be doing 5 to 6 days a week of cardio. If your sessions are short (between 15 and 25 minutes) you should increase the intensity. If your sessions are moderate to longer (between 30 to 90 minutes) you should build intervals or hills into your steady pace training to burn more calories. Cardio is about sustained energy output, not overall duration. If you can get the job done in an intense 20 minute cardio session, go for it! A good gauge to tell if you are working in the right intensity: slightly breathless, sweating, can only talk in short sentences, should feel challenged especially if performing intervals or hills.

Tips for a great workout:

Listen to music. Upbeat music like dance, rock, pop and hip hop have can alter the tempo of your exercise which could make your workout session more productive.

Make sure you are wearing the right gear. If you are running, a great pair of running shoes is advised and well worth the investment. Go to a specialty running store to get fitted correctly for the right shoes. For all other forms of exercise that require footwear, a comfy pair of cross trainers is indispensable. Wear clothes that are light and wick the sweat away from your body so you reduce overheating, chaffing, or being uncomfortable.

Find a workout buddy. If you like to work out alone and have the motivation to push yourself, awesome, keep it up! Many people need someone there to help push them. A little friendly competition can be fun and help you progress past the limits you set in your head. If you don’t have a workout buddy, consider joining a small group training. These trainings are designed to be small enough so you feel like you are being personally trained but encourage new friendships and light competition. Small group training offers the benefits of working with a personal training at a fraction of their professional rate.

Pretend you are on camera. I know that sounds silly. Honestly think about it – if you were being filmed for the world to see you would up your game and concentrate on your form so much more.

Make sure your concentrate on form. If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t do it. You could get hurt and waste your time. You can get workouts anywhere – magazines, apps, YouTube, books, etc. However, there may be some tweaks to your body mechanics that only a trained eye could point out and help correct. Consider hiring a personal trainer to help with your form so you are maximizing your time at the gym.

Stay positive. Who cares if you can’t do a push up, pull up, stand on your head and sing the national anthem. Practice makes perfect! No matter how rough your day was, no matter how many times you hit the alarm in the morning, no matter if you weren’t able to exercise yesterday or this whole week… get back in the gym and keep going. Setbacks happen to everyone and the ones who succeed let go of the past, move on and keep trying. Keep at it! You will succeed!!


Author: Jewel Kessler, NASM-CPT, NASM-FNS, HAC Gravity Director

5 Things You Need To Know About HAC’s New Workout, Synergy CS

It’s summertime and between the outdoor barbeques and late night ice cream runs, it’s important to keep your fitness routine fresh. At times, when we’ve hit a plateau in our routine, we begin to lose motivation due to the lack of results. That’s why at the HAC, we’re always creating new programs and innovative ways to make you sweat.

Jewel Kessler, Gravity Director, decided to launch a cardio and strength program called Synergy CS (“C” for cardio and “S” for strength). This class fuses the best of a cardio and strength workout all in 4-8 minute alternate intervals. Interval training has been known to be the most effective way to burn fat in less time. Not to mention keeping your boredom at bay because you’re never doing the same workout twice. The energy of the trainer, atmosphere, and other participants will leave you feeling like you came to the gym for fun. Imagine that!

Before you try Synergy CS, here are 5 things you need to know about HAC’s best new workout.

1. It’s a great endurance workout for improved muscular and cardiovascular strength. If you’re someone who tends to stay near the cardio area of the HAC, this is the perfect way to incorporate strength in your routine to build muscle mass throughout your whole body. The use of treadmill intervals and strength tools gives you a total body workout. Plus, the workouts teach members how to workout effectively on a treadmill so they see results.

2. It’s for newbie gym-goers and advanced veterans. Our skilled trainers are able to make modifications based on your skill level and give you personalized attention when you need it. This offers new exercisers a quick way to see results, and seasoned exercisers a new challenge. In fact, one of our Synergy CS participants said:

“I come from a CrossFit background, and I miss the feeling of being dead after a workout, where your muscles hurt. I’ve been doing this workout for over a year.  I enjoy the short intenseness of it.”

3. You’re in good hands. The creator of the program, Jewel Kessler has over 10 years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry and has carefully crafted Synergy CS to answer a need for more interest in cardio training at the HAC. She has trained individuals from 8 to 75 years old and has seen great success in many of her clients. Jewel is regularly published in Philadelphia Magazine and local media for her fitness knowledge and expertise.

4. You’ll keep burning calories long after the workout is over. The result of Synergy CS: shorter bouts of intense intervals which offer participants a light at the end of the tunnel to physically and psychology allow themselves to give it their all during the 4 to 8 minute intervals. Research shows that higher intensity intervals with rest and recovery periods are more effective for weight loss than slower, steadier cardio. The weight training will offer a unique challenge in that you are training with heavier weights than used in a Group X program to increase muscle definition and change your body composition.

5. It’s held at convenient times. 45 minute small group training. Wednesday 6:30 AM and 9:00 AM, Thursday 6:30 AM. More programs to come upon request and interest.  

Try it for yourself! E-mail to book your first appointment today.