Drop-in classes coming this fall for our members – stay tuned for more information, coming soon!

Parisi Speed School is an athletically based training and education system utilized by children and adults to enhance performance. Bill Parisi, the founder of Parisi Franchise Systems, Inc., has been developing successful techniques to improve speed and agility in young athletes for many years. The Parisi network has grown to over 100 locations across the US, as well as several locations internationally. We are so excited to grow the franchise and announce Parisi Speed School in Horsham! 

Our Parisi staff will provide your child/athlete with the tools they need to perform at their highest level. Parisi helps to build athletes by providing them with a foundation of specific training methods for building speed, strength, power and flexibility, while also teaching them how the training applies to their sport. We strive for a positive training environment that empowers, educates and inspires. Parisi is not just for high performance athletes, but a program for all youth – with a mission to introduce them to an active, healthy lifestyle! Training all sports and ages 7-18.

Jump Start (7-12)

The Parisi Jump Start program helps to build a young athlete’s physical foundation, improve their coordination and self-esteem. We believe creating a fun and friendly environment that ensures the children are engaged and motivated to give 110% is essential for them to progress through our speed and strength training. Jump Start is a must for any young person, athlete or not, who wants to develop foundational athletic skills that will help them rise above their competition or to develop healthy exercise habits!

Total Performance (13-18)

The Parisi Total Sports Performance Program uses the most up-to-date research on safe athlete training techniques and injury prevention as its foundation. This program builds on an athlete’s physical foundation and refines their skills in order for them to maximize their strength and sport specific training. Athlete’s in this program will also learn the skills and conditioning to help prevent injuries through various warm-ups, exercises and techniques.

The first step into our program is a Performance Evaluation. Schedule yours today!

Contact info@horshamathletic.com for more information on Parisi Speed School.