We are excited to introduce the new lineup of strength equipment coming to your club from Precor Incorporated. We choose the latest & greatest equipment from the following Precor lines – Discovery Series, Resolute Strength Series and HIIT Cardio Elite Series.

With sleek, minimalistic designs and heavy-duty durability the extensive lineup of new equipment will add functionality and comfortability to your workouts. The variety of upper body, lower body, functional and cardio equipment will help you incorporate all types of training into your routine, with ease!

Resolute Strength Training

Natural feel, easy adjustments and joint stabilization provide maximum comfort & muscle engagement to ensure you remain in a correct and supported position throughout the whole movement. This machine series brings you a high-quality strength experience that blends functionality & ease and prioritizes & maximizes comfort for users of all ability levels.

  • Upper body:
    • Bicep curl
    • Converging chest & shoulder press
    • Rear delt/pec fly
  • Lower body:
    • Inner & outer thigh
    • Leg press
    • Glute extension

Discovery Series

Strength training equipment with enhanced functional capabilities that allow for multiple training options. The entire Discovery Series is designed to make it simple for beginners to get started while delivering experienced exercisers the performance they demand.

  • Plate loaded equipment:
    • Hack squat
    • Squat machine
    • Incline lever row
  • Benches & Racks:
    • Olympic flat, incline & decline benches
    • Shoulder press
    • Power rack

HIIT Cardio Elite

Featuring the Elite Assault runner, rower & bike, this line of HIIT cardio equipment was designed to target all of your cardio training needs.

AssaultRower – targets the upper & lower back, the upper & lower legs, triceps, pecs, deltoids, obliques, glutes, & abs with a workout that is great for HIIT, cardio, or endurance training

AssaultRunner – gives you a hardcore workout that comes from the power of your own two feet with a curve design to compliment and correct running form

AssaultBike – provides a smooth ride, ergonomic design, & enhanced console capabilities that deliver an intense, refined workout experience perfect for interval training

This significant investment in your club and to your fitness experience is our commitment to you and represents our dedication to bringing you the best in the fitness industry.

If you have friends considering joining the HAC Community, now is the time!

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