With new MATRIX premium cardio equipment coming soon to our club, it’s time to focus on all of the features of the NEW touch consoles that will take your cardio routine to a whole new level! This sophisticated, easy-to-operate, touch console will give you control of the data you collect, the content that keeps you engaged and the way you reach your goals.

Here are some of the top features we are excited about:

Intuitive app Interface

This feature gives users the comfort of a display that mimics the operating systems of their smartphones and tablets. Featuring social media, entertainment & fitness applications, this display connects members to the information and content that they need to stay active!


These consoles work seamlessly with Wi-Fi to provide systems like: Personal Trainer Portal, Workout Tracking Network and Asset Management and more!

Apple Watch

Sync your workouts right to your iPhone and Apple Watch with new touch console compatibility. More accurate workout tracking awaits!

Wireless Charging & USB Ports

Charging your devices has never been so easy. With new wireless charging on the reading rack & a USB port to plug in your device, this setup provides two ways to keep your devices charged without crowding the functional touch screen.


Connect a wide range of personal devices such as: smartphones, wireless headphones, heart rate tracking & more to personalize your workout!

Virtual Active

Transport your workout to exotic locales all over the world! Featured courses & landmarks plus virtual coaching help transform ordinary exercises into breathtaking journeys. With footage synced to the intensity and speed of your workout, your incline or resistance changes automatically so you’ll really feel like you’re climbing hills and racing down mountain passes! Learn more about this feature.

Sprint 8

Maximum results. Minimum time. The Sprint 8 program is significantly proven to get results. Use this exclusive HIIT program to burn more fat & build lean muscle in short 20 minute interval workouts that will give you results you can see in the mirror! Learn more about this feature.