With the soccer season over, it’s essential to stay in shape until it starts again in March. Here at Horsham Athletic Club, we provide an a top-rated soccer training program in Warrington, PA, with a veteran soccer coach that boasts over 20 years of experience in the game.

We’ve collected some of our favorite tips below to help you keep fit during the off-season:

Find Other Physical Activities to Stay in Shape

You may wish to take up rollerblading, water aerobics, or horseback riding, whatever gets you moving and lets you have fun while you try something new. When you play a new sport, you learn new skills and disciplines. For example, some baseball players build their cardio and agility from taking ice skating lessons.

Yoga is another perfect activity for athletes because it helps to enhance physical and mental health. Yoga increases flexibility and improves core strength and balance. These are all important for soccer players in any position or stage of their career.

Tailor Your Workout to Your New Sport

For sports requiring instant bursts of controlled energy, we recommend interval training. However, it’s vital to incorporate the correct amount of rest time between intervals. This is great for cardio fitness and also helps to shed weight. Eventually, after long bouts of interval training, your body will recognize the constant action/recovery processes and adapt accordingly.

Discover How Your Position Could Benefit From Muscle Mass

The majority of youth athletes find weight training beneficial during the off-season. Many workouts can help improve the muscles that are essential in any soccer game. Some muscles can be built and trained to prevent injury. Also, young athletes can increase their confidence both on and off the pitch with an improved physique.

Find Fun Ways to Stay in Shape

Besides the weight room, there are plenty of low-competition recreational sports that create a happy and fun environment to home your skills. There are rec or indoor leagues that run throughout the off-season. These programs allow players to keep sharpening their game in a competitive environment.

For more information or to schedule group fitness in Ambler PA, contact a member of the Horsham Athletic team today.