HAC Member Since: January 2012

Favorite Thing to Do at the HAC: Workout in the Fitness Center

When Meredith was 19 years old, she suffered a stroke due to complications with a kidney infection and the flu.  She was in a coma for six weeks.  The doctors informed her family there was no hope for recovery. Her family never lost hope.  When she finally awoke from her coma she could not walk or talk. She had to learn how to do everything with one hand due to one side being paralyzed.

After 7 years of therapy, Meredith began to work at Reed Tech in the Patent Publishing operations department. She has been employed by Reed Tech for over 16 years. She has had the most visits out of all her corporate member peers.  She enjoys spending her spare time with her family and friends.

Meredith is totally devoted and dedicated to her fitness and is a terrific HAC Member!  Congratulations, Meredith!  You deserve it!!