Prepping For Hip Surgery

By: Holly Fosnot, CPT, Gravity Trainer, HACZone Trainer

I was born with congenital hip dysplasia and also had an inch differential on my left side which caused me to limp half of my life. Nothing ever stopped me as a kid; I played sports in high school, just like everyone else. I did struggle sometimes, because I wanted to run faster but couldn’t.

In my mid 40’s, the doctor finally asked if I was ready to have my hip replaced, and of course I said yes. I started to train harder to strengthen all of the muscles around my hip. I had to get myself in tip-top shape, despite the fact that it was tremendously painful. When I first had the surgery done, I thought: “What did I do to myself?”. The pain from being stretched an inch was unbearable, and I cried everyday for the first 2 weeks!

Afterward, I realized this is not who I am and I started pushing myself to complete my exercises, and once again, push through the pain. I knew I was stronger than that, and that if I told myself I could do it, there was no stopping me . I had my hip done on November 8, and I was back in the gym running on the treadmill within 4 weeks. I took my first gravity class on December 29.

If you are going to undergoing surgery, make an effort to prepare. Keep your body in shape beforehand, to make the recovery process that much easier and faster!

Preparing for Surgery?

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Holly Fosnot

Holly Fosnot