Ryan Hoch

HAC Member Since: September 2012

Favorite HAC Program: Strength Training in the Fitness Center

On September 24, 2015, the Hoch family’s lives were turned upside down. Ryan fell off of a 40-foot roof in Reading, PA, and miraculously landed on his feet. He shattered his back and suffered from severe swelling around his spinal cord. After an emergency surgery lasting almost 10 hours, he was unable to move his left leg. After another surgery due to blood loss during surgery, Ryan was finally transferred to MOSS rehab, where he was discharged after only 12 days, despite the doctors’ expecting him to be there for over a month.

Ryan has since regained approx. 70% function of his leg! He has been back in his gym routine since November, less than two months after the accident. He continues to go to the gym 5-6 days a week and is determined to make a full recovery. Ryan loves endurance workouts, running, hiking and racing.

The surgeon insisted that only reason Ryan survived his fall was because of how muscular his quads were. Staying active and healthy is the Hoch family’s new motto! They are even expecting their third child this September, 3 days after the anniversary of Ryan’s accident.

Ryan’s story is a true testament to the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. We are extremely proud to have him as a member at the HAC. Thank you for your strength, courage, and perseverance, Ryan! Enjoy your front-row parking spot and personal locker this month!