What is the difference between “group exercise” and “small group training”? Well there are few differences. Here are a few ways HACZONE Small Group Training may help expedite YOUR fitness goals!

  1. Small Group Training is more along the lines of personal training. In a group exercise setting, you are following a group instructor during the class. During a Small Group Training, you will be coached throughout the session.  The instructor will make sure tht you are doing each exercise correctly, in order to make sure you complete an effective workout.
  1. Small group training is exactly that – Small! HACZONE classes consist of up to 12 participants. This way, the instructor can focus on each individual throughout the session. HACZone trainers will often notice and improve your form, modify exercises for you, or even just give you that extra push you might need to get through the workout!
  1. HACZone… HACStrong – A client may feel uncomfortable working out with many other strangers in a group exercise setting.  Small group training allows you to workout with friends, and establish a rapport with other HACZone clients that frequent the same classes. This has helped many clients become comfortable and confident while working out in a smaller training session.

Small group training can be a very beneficial session for those individuals that need that coaching, push and confidence. HACZONE Trainers will help to keep you accountable and on track to achieve and surpass your fitness goals!

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