Ladder Drills The Right Way

By: DeOliver Davis, CPT

Athletes are constantly practicing drills to increase their speed & agility. You see them all the time in the weight room or turf, whether it be a beginner doing the standard two feet in-two feet out, or a polished vet doing high knee karaoke through the ladders. Of course this looks cool, but are these people doing it right?

How can it be hard to mess up on agility or speed work on the ladders right? Wrong! If you’re an athlete, or just want to get quicker or faster to maintain your physique or athleticism, hopping from foot-to-foot is not ideal.

What do I mean by hopping?  The ickey shuffle for instance, people often skip from foot-to-foot instead of pushing off of one foot with the ball of their big toe throughout the drill. So, next time when you’re on the ladders remember to focus on pushing with force to propel you into your next step and less hopping and dancing.

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