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The 6-Week Self Defense workshop with Mike Spahits is designed for non-experienced or experienced fighters looking for self defense tactics using variations of mixed martial arts. Learn low-force movements intended for de-escalation of minor situations and neutralizing techniques used to prevent an attack. Students will also learn how to subdue an aggressor from a standing, ground, and other positions one may find themselves in, in a self defense situation.

Week 1

  • Introduction to the 5 Keys of Self Defense
  • Pressure Points and Hand Control
  • Fighting Stance and Hand Placement
  • Grips and Punching Technique (Upper Body)
  • Vulnerable (Striking) Areas
  • Basic Strikes – Open Area; Front to Front Attack
  • Basic Escapes – Open Area; Front to Front Attack

Week 2

  • Review Week 1
  • Knees and Elbows
  • Open Area, Front to Front Attacks: Basic Escape to Offense
  • Defense Against Strikes: Blocking and Head Movements
  • Basic Strike: Front Kick, Turning Kick
  • Basic Escapes: Variation Headlock Escapes

Week 3

  • Review Week 2
  • Counter Strikes: Striking After Blocking a Punch
  • Attacked from Behind: Strikes & Hold Breaking
  • Attacked Against a Wall: Strikes & Hold Breaking
  • On Back: Learn the Mount and Guard Positions
  • On Back: Technique and Positioning Against Mount and Guard

Week 4

  • Review Week 3
  • Striking and Defending Combinations (Upper and Lower)
  • Defending Against Takedowns; How to Fall
  • On Back: Turning and Defending Mount and Guard
  • On Back: Escaping Against Mount and Guard
  • On Back: Submissions Against Mount and Guard

Week 5

  • Review Week 4
  • Striking-Defending Combinations
  • Hold-Breaking to Offense
  • Other Defense to Offense Vs. Holds
  • Basic Knife and Gun Self Defense

Week 6

  • Review Weeks 1 through 5
  • Practical Tests – “See What You Know”