Lose Two Jean Sizes In Just 8 Weeks!

D2S (Drop 2 Sizes) is not your average weight-loss program. In fact, this is not a weight-loss program… At least not in the traditional sense. This nationally recognized program, designed by Rachel Cosgrove, is proven to maximize your results, without monitoring your weight whatsoever. Check out her book about the program here.

This January, we’re ditching the scale and using the denim to gauge progress and get results. The scale often plays tricks on us. You may think you’re losing weight, due to an increase in exercise and dietetic improvements; and yet, still, the number on the scale doesn’t change. This may be due to a transition of fat to muscle, or a number of other physiologic responses.

One thing that doesn’t lie is the way you FEEL! From your level of energy to the way your clothes fit, there are REAL changes happening that are not shown on the scale.

What You Get


  • 4 workouts/week required
  • Create food + exercise logs to improve your awareness of current habits
  • Try on jeans every 2 weeks to assess progress
  • 4 Monthly HACZONE Small Group Training sessions included


  • Private Facebook support group
  • Group meetings every week
  • Dietetic guidance from Beth Chiodo, Registered Dietitian


  • See real changes in your body, without the stress of monitoring your weight
  • Rock the jeans that have been sitting in the back of your closet!

Kickoff Seminar

Thursday, January 5th

Informational session to learn more and ask questions about the challenge!

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