In the wake of Coronavirus business closures and stay at home orders, many Americans have been forced to put their workout routines on pause. As quarantines eventually end and things get back to normal, gym-goers will be jumping back into their workouts en masse. Some will be in for a rude awakening if they are expecting to pick up right where they left off. During rest periods, muscle fibers weaken and synovial fluid builds up in your joints. Going straight from a rest period to athletic performance training in Warrington PA can strain your muscles and ligaments and increase the likelihood of injury. There are a few things you can practice at home and in the gym to properly acclimate yourself to regular workouts after an unplanned hiatus.

Start Eating Healthy Again  

For many people, pausing their workout also means taking a break from their diet. This is especially for people in quarantine, as comfort foods can ease stress and make self-isolation easier. Sales of foods like red meat, popcorn, and potato chips have all risen according to a Bloomberg report. For people that have been lounging around and leaning on comfort foods, it’s important to get their diets back in order before they start working out again. Giving your body the right fuel is crucial for maintaining energy and mental health. Proteins, vegetables, and healthy fats like cheese, nuts, and avocados are all important and can provide you with natural energy for a good workout.  

Exercise With a Friend 

If it’s possible, working out with a friend can provide motivation and accountability when you haven’t worked out in a while. Having a spotter for certain weight lifting exercises can help you push yourself without increasing your risk of injury. Additionally, knowing you’re going to meet your friend at the gym can help keep you from blowing off exercise and falling even further out of your normal routine.  

Manage Your Expectations 

If you’re returning to the gym after a long break, don’t expect to jump back in with the same weight lifting and cardio regimen you were following before you stopped. Starting with shorter, lower intensity workouts can help ease you in and get back to where you were, comfortably and easily. After a week or two of being back in the gym, you should start to gradually increase the intensity of your workout. Pacing yourself can help you avoid straining yourself on your first week back.  

Getting back into a normal routine is not always as easy as it sounds, but with the right mindset, guidance, and equipment you can be back in peak shape in no time. Reach out to the pros at Horsham Athletic Club today for more information about workouts and personal training in Hatboro PA.