By: Christine Bieber, CPT

We have all been at the point where we have spent too much time doing the same old exercise routine. I am an exercise fanatic, and I will be the first to admit that having a monotonous exercise routine is unhealthy mentally and physically. Don’t let stagnant routines take the enjoyment out of what should be the highlight of your day! I have found that breaking up my intense exercises with yoga has been incredibly beneficial for my health.

Yoga provides peace and tranquility through focused training, which is a nice change of pace from our hectic daily schedules. Yoga is also one of the few physical activities that people of all ages can benefit from. Some of the many benefits of yoga are stress relief, increased flexibility, increased muscle strength, improved cardio respiratory health, and improved posture. These factors can benefit anyone ranging from a middle school athlete to an elderly woman who is working towards living a healthy, independent life.

Many people who are not familiar with yoga may think that it is simply stretching. Yes, yoga does involve stretching; however, it is about creating balance in the body through developing both flexibility and strength. There is a variety of yoga poses and postures, each of which provide their own physical benefits. So the next time you’re feeling exhausted, or you are looking to spice up your exercise routine, consider trying yoga, and feel great about rewarding your body!


Yoga is offered at the HAC every day of the week. Take a look at our group exercise schedule here to find a class time that works for you!

*Hatha Yoga & Yin Yoga are great options for beginners. We recommend trying a few of these classes before Vinyasa or Anusara.