As we begin to return to some version of our normal schedules, more and more people in the Hatboro-Horsham area are looking for ways to get back into their old routines.

One of the common ways that many people will be “getting back to the grind” is by resuming their full fitness routines once again. If you are looking for a fun and effective way to get back into shape after a quarantine hiatus, socially distant small group training at Horsham Athletic Club may be exactly what you’re looking for. There are several reasons that group fitness classes are particularly beneficial for people coming off a workout break: 

Expert Guidance 

While watching online videos can be helpful, nothing compares to having an instructor in the room to make sure you are performing exercises properly. Especially for exercises involving weights, adherence to proper form and technique are crucial for thoroughly working out your muscles while avoiding injury. If you are doing a cardio or muscle-based workout the wrong way, it drastically increases your likelihood of a strain, contusion, or another type of muscle injury — especially after a long break.  

When you take any kind of group exercise class instead of working out alone, you are observing and learning from a trained expert with thorough knowledge of this type of workout. Participants in small group training can have their questions answered accurately and immediately, ensuring that they are engaging in a workout with proper form.  


Another common challenge people face when they’re getting back to the gym is how to motivate themselves into getting the best possible workout. Most people know that exercise can be highly beneficial and is well worth doing, but getting pumped up and energized once you get into the gym and get started is a different issue in many cases. 

Professional instructors specialize in getting people pumped up while they’re exercising, which can help you remain more positive and engaged during your workout to get consistently better results.  


Balance is important in any fitness regimen, and when you take small group training classes with a professional instructor, you can ensure to prevent any one area from being neglected or overworked.  

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