It’s summertime and between the outdoor barbeques and late night ice cream runs, it’s important to keep your fitness routine fresh. At times, when we’ve hit a plateau in our routine, we begin to lose motivation due to the lack of results. That’s why at the HAC, we’re always creating new programs and innovative ways to make you sweat.

Jewel Kessler, Gravity Director, decided to launch a cardio and strength program called Synergy CS (“C” for cardio and “S” for strength). This class fuses the best of a cardio and strength workout all in 4-8 minute alternate intervals. Interval training has been known to be the most effective way to burn fat in less time. Not to mention keeping your boredom at bay because you’re never doing the same workout twice. The energy of the trainer, atmosphere, and other participants will leave you feeling like you came to the gym for fun. Imagine that!

Before you try Synergy CS, here are 5 things you need to know about HAC’s best new workout.

1. It’s a great endurance workout for improved muscular and cardiovascular strength. If you’re someone who tends to stay near the cardio area of the HAC, this is the perfect way to incorporate strength in your routine to build muscle mass throughout your whole body. The use of treadmill intervals and strength tools gives you a total body workout. Plus, the workouts teach members how to workout effectively on a treadmill so they see results.

2. It’s for newbie gym-goers and advanced veterans. Our skilled trainers are able to make modifications based on your skill level and give you personalized attention when you need it. This offers new exercisers a quick way to see results, and seasoned exercisers a new challenge. In fact, one of our Synergy CS participants said:

“I come from a CrossFit background, and I miss the feeling of being dead after a workout, where your muscles hurt. I’ve been doing this workout for over a year.  I enjoy the short intenseness of it.”

3. You’re in good hands. The creator of the program, Jewel Kessler has over 10 years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry and has carefully crafted Synergy CS to answer a need for more interest in cardio training at the HAC. She has trained individuals from 8 to 75 years old and has seen great success in many of her clients. Jewel is regularly published in Philadelphia Magazine and local media for her fitness knowledge and expertise.

4. You’ll keep burning calories long after the workout is over. The result of Synergy CS: shorter bouts of intense intervals which offer participants a light at the end of the tunnel to physically and psychology allow themselves to give it their all during the 4 to 8 minute intervals. Research shows that higher intensity intervals with rest and recovery periods are more effective for weight loss than slower, steadier cardio. The weight training will offer a unique challenge in that you are training with heavier weights than used in a Group X program to increase muscle definition and change your body composition.

5. It’s held at convenient times. 45 minute small group training. Wednesday 6:30 AM and 9:00 AM, Thursday 6:30 AM. More programs to come upon request and interest.  

Try it for yourself! E-mail to book your first appointment today.