7 Powerful Life-Changing Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric, a plant-based antioxidant that helps support your immune system, also has mighty anti-inflammatory effects on the body. This in turn protects your body from the damaging effects of free radicals. Curcumin, the primary antioxidant ingredient in turmeric is very anti-inflammatory. Chronic inflammation plays a significant role in many of our chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and certain cancers. Take control of your health and discover how to fight against these chronic diseases with turmeric supplements.
A Potent Anti-Inflammatory
Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory effects have been shown to be comparable to the potent drugs hydrocortisone and phenylbutazone as well as over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications such as Motrin without the numerous unpleasant side effects. Turmeric’s ability to increase the anti-oxidant capacity of the body helps protect against free radicals.
Mightier Than Vitamin C and E
Vitamin C and E are great anti-oxidants. However, Turmeric supplements are 5 to 8 times stronger than Vitamin E and 10 times stronger than Vitamin C. This means that it’s more effective at neutralizing these free radicals to help protect your cells DNA from harm.
Major Anti-Aging Benefits
Aging is caused by both internal and external factors. Damaged skin cells make us look older prematurely. Turmeric supplements have the ability to suppress inflammatory proteins, which improves skin tone, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, along with making your pores smaller.
Improved Joint Health
Turmeric reduces the pain, stiffness and inflammation related to rheumatoid arthritis by modifying immune system responses. Turmeric supplements contain curcuminoids, which lessen joint inflammation and destruction by blocking inflammatory pathways, preventing the triggers that produce swelling and discomfort.
Prevention Against Certain Cancers and Tumors
Turmeric can stop the action of the enzyme COX-2, which is known to increase body inflammation, a known precursor to cancer. Tumors need a blood supply and curcumin helps control gene signaling and down-regulate the inflammatory and tumor growth factors.
Strong Alzheimer’s Protection
Turmeric’s main ingredient curcumin serves as a neuroprotective agent, protecting the brain reducing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. It does this by blocking the formation of beta-amyloid, the sticky protein substance that has a hand in cell and tissue loss associated with the disease. Alzheimer’s is the chronic inflammation of nerve cells. Turmeric’s strong anti-inflammatory effects have shown to improve the neurological deficit and counteract the oxidative stress.
Supernatural Weight-Loss Properties
For effective weight-loss, your liver needs to be protected from cell damage caused by environmental toxins and free radicals. Turmeric can help detoxify the liver and lower LDL “bad” cholesterol. Adipose tissue, which stores fat cells are reduced by the anti-angiogenic properties of turmeric. It has the ability to improve insulin sensitivity, which is a big factor in offsetting weight-gain.
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