By: Jeff Bangs, ATC

So far in my young career I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of different athletes and have worked with two professional sports teams. I have worked with both the Miami Heat, a professional basketball team, and the Philadelphia Eagles, a professional football team. The challenging part about working with such high profile athletes is making their workouts that challenging, yet beneficial to them. They are so physically gifted that they make things look so easy, so you always have to challenge them and keep them on their toes. Also, what is required of them physically plays a major role in what their workouts might look like. In basketball, they are all about explosion and athleticism. Because they’re active for long periods of time, your workouts might include more plyometrics and high intensity training. Football is strictly based off of strength and power, so their workouts are focused more around strength training and heavy weight. A play may only last 11 seconds so their endurance is not as much of a focus as it is in basketball. Also, the mindsets of these athletes are completely different; basketball players have more finesse, and football players have to be more physical.

These opportunities have not only given me great experiences but have given me great experience in training using drastically different styles. With a couple of years of professional experience under my belt I am prepared for any situation that may be presented to me at the Horsham Athletic Club. I’m always working hard to continue learning and improving my teaching techniques which will be nothing short of beneficial to the members here at the club. I can’t express my excitement as I am looking forward to meeting and working with members at the club. I am very passionate about helping each and every member I interact with to reach all of their fitness goals.